Teacher’s Day Celebrations by Students at Civil Department.

Civil Engineering Students greeted teachers by celebrating teachers day On 5th September 2019. Civil Engineering students shown lot of love, affection, gratitude and care for their Teachers. Dr. Srikanta Murthy K., Principal, Dr. Harisha P., Vice Principal, Dr. Venkatesh Babu D. L., HOD, Civil Engineering., Dr. Harisha V, PG, Coordinator., and all faculties of Civil Engineering were present. on account of birthday celebrations of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, Former President of India celebrated (Teacher’s Day).

Invited Talk on “Retrofitting”.

Er. Sunil R K., Delivered a talk on “Retrofitting”and Rehabilitation of structures with his 28 years of Experience in the field. which is an eye opener for Budding Civil Engineers, which fine tuned our students in their professional skills. Programme is conducted on 16th September 2019 in the auditorium more than 400 students were benefited with his encouraging talk.

Engineer’s Day Celebration at NCET

Engineer’s Day is celebrated on the campus 16th September 2019 on occasion of Sir M. Visvesvaraya Birthday (15 September). Er. Sunil R K, Dr. S. G. Gopala Kirshna., Director, Dr. Srikanta Murthy K., Principal. and Dr. Venkatesh Babu D. L., Head Department of Civil Engineering were present and Garland the great Engineer Sir M V.

Precast Concrete Technologies

Students and faculty members are attended “Precast Concrete Technologies ” one day national seminar conducted by Indian Concrete Institute at Bengaluru Center on 7th September 2019.