Dr. Krishnan Kumar

Dr. Krishnan Kumar

Area of interest:

Studies related to Corrosion of steel with emphasis to Structural behavior of concrete infrastructure. Developing new materials and methods for corrosion protection of steel in concrete infrastructure. Rehabilitation of concrete structure including carbon fiber wrapping.

Patents awarded:

An improved coating composition for corrosion protection of reinforcing and prestressing steel – 259/DEL/1992 dt. 25-03-’92. IN185520

An improved formulation for increasing the corrosion resistance of cement grout – 311/DEL/1992 dt. 08-04-’92.IN185099

An improved formulation for rapid setting primer for corrosion protection of reinforcing and prestressing steels – 481/DEL/1993 dt. 13-05-’93. IN186255

A composition of inhibitors for corrosion protection of steel reinforcement bars placed in the well steining positioned in sea water – 414/DEL/2002.

A process for the preparation of chemical resistant fly-ash polymer composite material – 404/DEL/2001 patent No.IN242253

An embeddable reference electrode for use in concrete structures – 681/DEL/1996 patent No.IN194360

A chemical resistant geopolymer fly ash bricks and process thereof useful for construction industry – 2137/DEL/2004 patent No.IN247430


Smt. Annapoona award for best paper in corrosion science –1993 CECRI cash award for monograph, 1996,CECRI, Karaikudi

Best Technology Award : First Prize for CPCC system in 1996 awarded by CECRI, Karaikudi

Book publication: First prize – in 1998 awarded by CECRI, Karaikudi.

Best international paper award – 2006 Sensors & Transducers Magazine.

Papers published:

Corrosion protection of prestressing steel in bridges & structures – Technologies developed at CECRI, Karaikudi. N.S.Rengaswamy, K.Kumar, S.Ramu, S.Pitchumani R.Vedalakshmi, , and K.Balakrishnan, Indian Concrete Institute Bulletin, No.45, Dec. 1993 pp.33 – 38.

Multi point monitoring and control unit for Cathodic protection of steel in concrete structures. S.Vincent, K.Kumar, S.Geetha, S.Mary Flora, Y.Mahadeva Iyer and N.S.Rengaswamy. Bull. Electrochem. 9 (8 – 10) 1993, 433 – 435. I.F 0.24

Corrosion protection of precast concrete spliced piles K.Balakrishnan, N.S.Rengaswamy, S.Srinivasan, and K.Kumar. Proceedings of concrete 2000, University of Dundee, UK

Evaluation of Cathodic protection of steel in concrete using potential gradient approach. K.Kumar, R.Vedalakshmi, N.S.Rengaswamy and K.Balakrishnan Trans. SAEST 30, 4 (1995) 164 – 168.

Comparative evaluation of different repair techniques adapted for damaged concrete structures, V.Saraswathy, K.Kumar, G.T.Parthiban, S.Srinivasan, A.Madhava Mayandi,    N.S.Rengaswamy and K.Balakrishnan, Corrosion Prevention and Control, Vol.42, No.4 Aug.95, pp.94. I.F:1.06

Cement polymer composite coating for corrosion protection of rebars. K.Kumar, R.Vedalakshmi, S.Pitchumani, A.Madhavamayandi and   N.S.Rengaswamy , The Indian Concrete journal, July 1996, 359 – 364.

Cement Polymer Composite Coating system for corrosion protection of reinforcing and pre – stressing steels. K.Kumar Proceedings of 5th middle east conference on “ Coatings for concrete and rebar”, at Dubai,UAE 23rd – 24th February 1998.

Effect of prior damage on the performance of cement-based coatings onRebar: Macro cell corrosion studies. R.Vedalakshmi, K.Kumar, V.Raju,  N.S.Rengaswamy, Cement & Concrete Composites, 22,2000, 417-421 I.F:2.726

Joining of passive dissimilar metals – Ti,SS and AL: An emerging application of electrodeposition. G.Sheela, Ch.Ramkishan Rao, S.Syed azim, K.Kumar and  M.Pushpavanam., Trans Inst Met Fin, 2004, 82(1-2) page 24-28 I,F: 1.234

Sensor systems for corrosion measurements in concrete structures, K.Kumar, S.Muralidharan, Manjula, M.S.Karthikeyan and N.Palaniswamy, Communicated and published in “Sensors & Transducers Magazine (S&T e-Digest)vol67, Issue 5, May 2006, pp 553-560.” .

Influence of silica fume on the corrosion resistance and strength of concrete, S.Muralidharan, A.K.Parande, V.Saraswathy, K.Kumar and N.Palaniswamy, Communicated to “Construction and Building Materials”, Manuscript number CONBUILDMAT-D-06-00184.

Corrosion evaluation of grout material suitable for prestressing steel, K.Kumar, S.Muralidharan, M.S.Karthikeyan and N.Palaniswamy, Int. J. Electrochem. Sci., 3 (2008) 315 – 324 I.F:3.729

Online Corrosion and Force Monitoring for Inner Containment Concrete Structures K. Kumar, C. S. Unnikrishnan Nair, H. T. Jegadish, S. Muralidharan, A. K. Parande, M. S. Karthikeyan and N. Palaniswamy Sensors & Transducers Journal, Vol. 92, Issue 5, May 2008, pp. 108-121

Novel molecular approach using triazine inhibitor to control corrosion and limit chloride ion penetration in steel reinforced concrete. Satyanarayana M.G.V., Kalpana Y., Himabindu V., Kumar K (2012)  Corrosion Engineering Science and Technology,  47(1), pp. 38-44.

Evaluation of online strain monitoring of Concrete/Steel structures Laboratory and Field studies. M.S.Karthikeyan, A.K.Parande, K.Kumar, R.Jeyaram, N.Palaniswamy, A.Sivashanmugam, R.H.Suresh Bapu, K.Lakshmibarani, C.Ponraj Sensor & Transducers Journal 03/2012; 138(3):59-70.

Environmental Concerns of Sea water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Desalinated Product water, P.Ravindran, K.Kumar, Indian Journal of Environmental Protection ,Vol. 32, Issue 9, Sept 2012, pp. 752-756.

Modeling corrosion behavior of product water concrete storage tanks in desalination plants, P.Ravindran & K.Kumar, European journal of applied research, volume 99, issue 3 April 2013 p 350 – 361

Environmental Impact on Water quality of nearby sources due to Sewage treatment units at Trichirappalli Municipal Corporation, P. Ravindran, K. Kumar, Indian Journal of  Environmental Protection, Vol. 31, Issue 7, July 2011, pp. 576-579.

Renewable Energy in Coastal Rural Area Desalination Plants, P. Ravindran, K. Kumar, Proceedings of National Conference on CGEIRET, sponsored by GOI, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, July 2010,  pp. 134-138.

Book published:

A 290 – page book entitled, PROTECTION IN CONCRETE AN UPDATE – GALVANIZING AND OTHER METHODS has been brought out by ILZIC, New Delhi. This is joint ventures of ILZIC, New Delhi and CECRI, Karaikudi. The book will be an authoritative reference book to structural and civil engineers, architects, builders, specifiers and R & D personnel.


Design of stress corrosion test setup for the metal used in thrust chamber – DRDO

Instrumentation (Structural monitoring system) of  Yamuna Bridge at Allahabad/Naini, NHAI, New Delhi

Consultancy project on “To suggest corrosion protective grouting for stressed post tensioning cables in second Vivekananda Bridge”, at Kolkata. M/s Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Chennai – 600089

Sponsored project on “Corrosion and force monitoring of postensioned cables in RB#3 & 4 of NPCIL”, Kaiga, NPCIL, Mumbai

Sponsored project on “Protective coating for prestressing steel for use in concrete structures”.M/s Krishna Conchem products Pvt., Ltd., Mumbai

Network project on “Design, analysis and health assessment of special structures including bridges”.

Technical service on “Evaluation of CPCC samples as per CECRI code of practice”. M/s Southern Railway, Nagapattinam.

Corrosion measurement of Product Water Tank at Anuvijay Township, Chettikulam, NPCIL, Koodankulam

Installation and measurement of strain by SMER Gauges for leak Test” at RAPP, Kota. NPCIL, Kota, Rajasthan

Instrumentation for Structural and  corrosion monitoring of Ganga bridge – Design Specification preparation. NHAI, New Delhi

Condition assessment and suggesting suitable remedial measures  for the concrete structures of the M/s Hindustan Newsprint Ltd., Kottayam

Performance of galvanized and zinc based alloy coated reinforcing bars in tropical marine conditions and galvanic cathodic protection of reinforcing bars – Sponsored by International Lead Zinc Research Organization, USA.

Instrumentation work at Thane Creek Bridge, Mumbai, MOST, Delhi.

To advise regarding corrosion prevention of structural system of coastal power plant. NTPC, New Delhi

Protective measures for high tensile steel in bridges – KRCL

Advise on repair of corroded structure and applying of protective coatings on container berth – MPT, Chennai

Consultancy on corrosion survey of affected RCC columns in the pickling plant in seamless steel tube plant division, BHEL, Trichy

Consultancy on corrosion survey and assessment of condition of steel & concrete structures and rectification schemes suggested for the pig casting machines of blast furnace zone at Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, Vizak

Consultancy on assessing the quality and soundness of the ferrocement panels Matrimandhir, Auroville.

Recommendation for anticorrosive coating to PSC Main Project Division (Ramnad CWSS), TWAD Board, Paramakudi – 623 707

Corrosion assessment of Epoxy Grout and PU Foam on Post Tensioned Steel, BBR India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore

Awarded grant of Rs 2,00,000 (Two lakhs only) from VTU-VGST to conduct Faculty development programme (FDP) on “Effect of Corrosion on the concrete Infrastructure and its Durability”

Experimental study on the corrosion behaviour of marine gas turbine alloy using C263 for high temperature sulfidation, Sponsored by DRDO-GTRE under GATET, 9.75 Lakhs

Study on the corrosion assessment and mitigation mathod for concrete structures, Sponsored by AICTE under RPS Scheme, 17.05 Lakhs.