Prof. Sanath Kumar K R Received Best coordinator Award 2019 from IIRS(ISRO) on 3rd March 2020.

Prof. Sanath Kumar K R, Department of Civil Engineering, received best IIRS outreach network coordinator annual award for the year 2019 for his remarkable contribution in conducting IIRS classes at Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology. He has been Recognized at the National Level by Indian institute of Remote Sensing (ISRO) Dehradun. Two selected students are also Participated in this event.

IGBC Green Cities Stall at Municipalika 2020 @ Palace Grounds, Bangalore

The best platform to learn, share and discuss on Green Cities and India’s Success Stories in Green Built Environment. One day exhibition Municipalika 2020 Programme conducted at Palace Grounds Bengaluru, Civil Engineering students Likith. S. Gowda (1NC18CV038), Madhan kumar (1NC18CV041), Madan.M(1NC 18CV039) and Madhu.M.V (1NC18CV042) have attended the Exhibition and Conferences, its a new platform for students to understand about Smart Cities and Smart Building Materials.